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Aug 3, 2022
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Wisemans Ferry NSW
G’day all,
I recently bought my 2008 DX D22 single cab.
Way too tall to consider the bucket seat conversion, I will pad my bench seat.

The issue;
I have snapped headrest mounts.
Can have a crack at welding back on to pipe seat frame?
Well yes I could.

or take possession of someone’s bucket seat upgrade, the old bench seat.
Really I only need the back bit, but can take the lot.

cosmetics are not an issue as I have neoprene seat covers. Function &
comfort are the factors here.

Got a price from Nissan 4x4 wreckers in vic, was a reasonable price for the whole bench seat in “very good cond”.
But yet to rip the scab off shipping from VIC to SYD.

Anyone in Syd/NSW still have their discarded & uncomfortable bench seat gathering dust? Head rests functional & intact.
Name your fee$$ & I can pick up.
Kind regards Jeff.

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