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Dec 5, 2022
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First time poster in this forum so apologies for any mistakes.

I've got a 98 D22 Single Cab 4x4. I've slowly been building it up to roadworthy condition after it had a pretty hard life, now I'd like to lift it 2" partly because the first time I tested the 4x4 system on a local rough patch I found the ground clearance was a bit short but also because frankly the single cabs with a 2" lift look SO much better in my opinion and id really like to replicate the ones I've seen.
I'm not a hard core offroader and for the most part it's going to be a highway driver but I live in the country and it will most likely get a set of 265/70/r16's put under it.

I've already got all new shackles and alike to go in it and I had planned to just chuck a set of 50mm 0-200kg leafsprings in it and wind up the (aftermarket) torsion bars with some new shocks but I've seen a lot of people bottom out the UCA and then to accompany that you apparently should also have a diff drop, I'm not too bothered with the diff drop although the price of UCA's is a bit disappointing however my main question is when you do a diff drop is there any issues with the front Tail-Shaft? I'm a bit concerned about pinion angle change causing it to chop out the uni's or alike.
Secondly how do adjustable UCA's work? Looks like they've just got shim plates that you add or subtract to change the angle?

(I've got toughdog torsion bars already because when I got the ute it had a snapped torsion bar)
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