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Oct 4, 2019
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we are a traveling family of 5 from Austria (not Australia) and we are currently on a big lap all around Oz. And we are loving it!
Living the dream!

On New Years Eve we landed in Sydney, bought a Nissan Navara (obviously), a Jayco expanda and off we went.
But the car that was meant to serve us for 12 months and 30.000 km but broke down just after 85(!) km on the second day traveling. We just made it out of Sydney and that was it!
Dealer fixed it again and since than our car is pulling hard (our van has 2.5 to) and I wish I could say it never missed a beat, BUT … it's picking up a lot of issues on the road. And not all of them are easy to identify or to fix.

We are on a tight budget and don't wanna spend an awful lot of money on mechanics diagnosing and repairing. And because I have made brilliant experiences and friends on another forum (I drive VW buses back home) I thought I might give Navara.asia a try. And here we are.

Maybe you can help us sorting out a few of our Navara's issues.
engine: http://www.navara.asia/showthread.php?t=36388
gearbox: http://www.navara.asia/showthread.php?p=388200#post388200
electrics: http://www.navara.asia/showpost.php?p=388195&postcount=9

Thank you so much and safe travels!
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