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  1. Boogieboots

    ZD30 and biodiesel

    I can vouch for the filtering. I made my own and did a shit job of filtering it before a trip from Perth to Esperance. 10 litres of free fuel cost me a $50 fuel filter when I tried around 15 years ago. Very cool experiment, but clean it up for sure ☺️
  2. Boogieboots

    2010 D22 Nissan Navara

    Yep, after 4 or 5 years, it has turned out to be the fuse😑 This stuffed me around a couple of years ago on a rainy day when I put the rear demister on. I was on a long stretch of road and finally went to use my indicator and it didn't work. I had recently replaced my front roobar lights as they...
  3. Boogieboots

    ZD30 starts but RPM limited

    Good plan. A new pump installed will be around $4-5k I think, unless you and your mates are very handy with the spanners. There is great advice on the job on this forum but I am not going to attempt it. I reckon I am capable of it but I have been saving for the inevitable pump failure for a few...
  4. Boogieboots

    clicking noise engine wont crank

    Did it fix the problem? What was the problem?
  5. Boogieboots

    ZD30 starts but RPM limited

    Any codes? Did the owner give a reason that they thought it needed a new pump? Presumably they had it diagnosed already
  6. Boogieboots

    2010 D22 Nissan Navara

    Thread 'Hazard Lights Not Working' Hazard Lights Not Working I hope my issue is not just the fuse after this long🤦‍♂️
  7. Boogieboots

    2010 D22 Nissan Navara

    There is a separate relay for the hazards I believe. I have had the same problem for about 4 years but have never gotten around to sorting it out. I am sure I have seen a thread on here as to where it is. I will have a look and see if I can find it again
  8. Boogieboots

    Cab removal

    I am interested in the raptor paint job. Do keep us up to date👍
  9. Boogieboots

    Zd30 power loss

    Sounds iffy 🤔 Do you have a spare battery to try? It would be interesting to see if that makes a difference given the intermittent nature of your problem
  10. Boogieboots

    Dream Zd build!

    Yes🤔 I have read that the Baet remap (I think it was), where the high end was pretty stout with some mods. I think the gearbox and diffs were the weak points then So yes, tell us more. Whatever it costs, it will be cheaper than buying a new Hilux! And my conscience will not allow me to do that!
  11. Boogieboots

    Coolant leak?

    Fingers crossed BaW. Although I would not want to be in the position of leaking only when hot or only when cold. There should be no fkn leaks!
  12. Boogieboots

    D22 fault code 0301 engine cranks and will not start

    Initially you mentioned that it would start with some aerostart, but it soon stalls out I take it? If you can keep it going for a little after starting, watch the tacho to see what it does. If it is still jumping while not cranking you can probably rule out the starter interference. If it is it...
  13. Boogieboots

    New member first time nav owner

    That's some shithouse luck mate. Hopefully you can get some guidance here. Good luck🤞
  14. Boogieboots

    D22 first timer

    Do you sleep under your Nav BaW? The amount of work you are always doing will give people the idea they are unreliable 😂
  15. Boogieboots

    Dash lights off after radio installation

    I found my answer from another thread on this forum Tony, my use of the search function is getting better now! Looked up Instrument Cluster in the title using advanced search and found a thread where someone mentioned checking the speedo wire on the gearbox. Wasn't the speedo, but buggered if I...
  16. Boogieboots

    Dash lights off after radio installation

    Interesting. Mine (05 ZD30) has just started blowing instrument cluster fuses. The reverse camera to my stereo stopped working around the same time and I thought that might be he issue. I just pulled the fuse to the radio and started it and idled ok, all gauges alight. Blew again after a little...
  17. Boogieboots

    D22 first timer

    The beauty of the D22 is that they were made for so long there will never be a shortage of spares! Regardless of problems you do have, you will find heaps of support here🍻 And looking at next week's weather, might be worth getting on that AC sooner rather than later!
  18. Boogieboots


    Welcome, plenty of knowledge here to share
  19. Boogieboots

    Snapped cam cap bolt

    Yeah, I can feel that relief as it starts to back out!😁 Good news mate
  20. Boogieboots

    Goodbye Navara!

    Being able to pump that excess generation into a car battery is the best option. In my case as a shift worker I would be able to charge over night shift and hopefully hold enough for my days. Then charge on my days off. I work 5 days, 5 off, 5 nights, 5 off (sort of, sportsman roster if you know...