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  1. J

    D40 V9X Fuel primer location

    Another comment about the hand primer: Use it vertically. Connect to the engine fitting and point it up from there. The discharge goes up vertically above the bulb. Need to attach a hose or it’s all over the engine. A hose back to the fuel filler let’s you squeeze all day. The bulb only has a...
  2. J

    D40 V9X Fuel primer location

    It’s not clear in the manual what this hand priming pump looks like, so I have attached a pic. The hand primer is stored behind the passenger seat in a resealable plastic bag, I have used it a few times after changing fuel filters and each time the vehicle stalls down the road after several...
  3. J

    V9X STX550 2012. Fuel filter change can cause injector damage.

    UPDATE: After watching the YouTube below, it seems the best approach in NOT to pre-fill the fuel filters with diesel. If you do it will potentially allow small particles to directly enter the injectors without passing through the filter. These small 2-5 micron particles can do damage. In the...
  4. J

    V9X STX550 2012. Fuel filter change can cause injector damage.

    I was recently advised by a Nissan mechanic that there are serious precautions to observe when changing the fuel filter/s on the V9X engine. I have two fuel filters, a Fuel Master pre filter (after market) and the standard factory filter. After these filters are changed it is necessary to prime...
  5. J

    Hello i have some very odd questions

    If you do plan to install heavier suspension then it pays to ensure you get a gvm upgrade as well.
  6. J

    SaaS turbo timer

    Some turbo timers have a handbrake wire. If you had it wired up by someone else they may have connected in the handbrake and not told you. The handbrake must be applied before you turn the key off or it will immediately stop the engine. I suspect it is an anti-theft feature…. A guy jumps into...
  7. J

    Trailer connectors are not reliable

    Several of years ago I had problems with my trailer plug failing. Some of the pins had recessed and one was pushed fully back and could never engage into the vehicles socket. I briefed myself for buying Chinese junk and fitted a new Narva plug and socket. Now it’s happened again, this time with...
  8. J

    2013 Spanish D40 Trip meter resets

    We have seen where a dodgy battery can cause weird resetting issues, but in this case the battery is said to be ok. Check the battery connections. What Nissan did once to a friend was removed the battery cable replaced the battery then did up the battery clamp. What they did not notice was that...
  9. J

    STX550 free running pulley on alternator replacement.

    For that price I could buy two!
  10. J

    STX550 free running pulley on alternator replacement.

    V9X. Nissan say they don’t have any alternator pullies. In fact they say that they have upgraded both the alternator and the pulley. The pulley that they supply now is the new pulley and different to the original pulley. Nissan do have the new alternator (with pulley) available for $1,790. I...
  11. J

    Unusual issues caused by a failing battery

    A mate also has a D40 stx550. For some months his spanner/service indicator comes on too early at 5,000klm. He took it back to the service mob who reset it but assured him they had previously reset the interval to 10,000klm. Then the spanner happened again after another 5,000klm. By then he knew...
  12. J

    Bent Chassis - Anyone Made an Insurance Claim

    Did it bend just behind the cab in that weak spot? Is the chassis full of rust? A few have been replaced because of this, makes the chassis weak and then buckles. Mostly the rust is inside the rails. A strengthening kit is a available to lessen the chance of chassis bending. Mine was fitted by...
  13. J

    2014 D40 ST-X 550 Owners/Operators Manual

    I received two owners manuals with my stx550. One is general and the other dedicated to the navigation system. The paradox is why would you need a book when Nissan have never provided map updates. I use a dash mount gps so I can access current information.
  14. J

    STX550 free running pulley on alternator replacement.

    20 years ago I was in the electronics game and had lots of failures with solder joints failing especially where they were supporting a heavy component. They say lead remains a liquid and keeps flowing although slowly, resulting in a failed solder joint. The tin in solder stiffens it up a bit but...
  15. J

    STX550 free running pulley on alternator replacement.

    It seems to be unusual for this type of free wheeling alternator not to have a hex hole in the end of the shaft. Today Nissan Parts told me they have never sold one of these free wheeling pulleys for an STX550 D40 in Australia, and they are available ex Japan with a 12 week wait. $240. Bursons...
  16. J

    STX550 free running pulley on alternator replacement.

    I think I will be copying your work. Preventative maintenance is the best approach with this.
  17. J

    STX550 free running pulley on alternator replacement.

    Putting the question another way: How do I hold the alternator rotor shaft stationary so I can unscrew the pulley with a special tool? Poking a screwdriver inside the alternator to jam it is not a great suggestion, the internal fan is physically weak and the windings are very exposed. I am...
  18. J

    STX550 free running pulley on alternator replacement.

    I have a spare alternator for my STX550 Navara. The free running pulley fails occasionally so I have been wondering how it all works. this alternator seems different to the others I have looked at. I am aware of the special tools that are available to replace these pulleys. The pulley has a...
  19. J

    Stuck in Park, no brake lights. High risk if towing.

    The trailer uses leds so should be moderate current. Perhaps some manufacturing contamination inside the switch started the arcing/corrosion process early. Nissan don’t stock the stop switch in Australia, it’s 2 - 3 months delivery from Japan. Burton’s stock them though. Not sure if the part...