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  1. Been a while

    Ball joint for 3" uca

    They're the same fit, but different build.. the snake ones are good quality... left is Snakey, right is Selby...
  2. Been a while

    Circuit timer on glow plugs

    I like the power train one.. With that one in that video, do the glow plugs "only stay on" as long as you hold the button down? So you'd turn the key, hit the button, start and hold for a few seconds- depending on weather...
  3. Been a while

    Dream Zd build!

    Maybe this is a better way to go about it :) if you had a chance to build "a mild" zd how would you go about it? What would you fit?
  4. Been a while

    Who's building zd motors and gearboxes!?

    Howdy all :) "long time no piss'n'moan" ... I'm thinking of putting some money into my old girl aaaand thinking motor rebuild, and box.. Anyone got any suggestions of who's the "go to" shops for zd builds, any state of Australia! Any lists and suggestions regarding build parts etc, love...
  5. Been a while

    Looking for a mechanic

    On my way,,, I'll be there soon ;)
  6. Been a while

    Zd30 Snorkel

    Never underestimate the power of the P.V.C ! 🤣
  7. Been a while

    Zd30 Snorkel

    Think about this babies!
  8. Been a while

    How to keep a d22 with 386000kms on it going strong?

    Yes, exactly, my thoughts also 🤓 start up a moonshine hut! 😁 for sure! 😎 No shite, I was talking to a mate about this months ago! Diesel too, use the cooking oil from the local fish'n'chip shop ;) I will do it eventually, i need a new cover for the ute tray first ... Every time I get close...
  9. Been a while

    How to keep a d22 with 386000kms on it going strong?

    If in doubt, water meth inject that baby and floor it! Flooded or not ;) life begins at 3000rpm ! Yup,,performance, better burning fuel, more efficient, better economy under continuous speeds revs etc. Cooler air, more oxygen dense,, they say.. Thats why i love driving mine in the mountains...
  10. Been a while

    Aluminum Radiator D22 ZD 30

    No mate, I came back to Vic over 2 years ago for surgery,, and have been stuck here ever since! F'n hard times eh camping is one thing, surviving like this is another.. In Central Victoria atm! Free camping as some say, just did bith the lower control arms in a "dig in" ! 2 months on the...
  11. Been a while

    Aluminum Radiator D22 ZD 30

    Oh ok, yes sorry, miss read that bit! Yup, ya buggered... Ahh I thought so! Yes mate, its working fine! I used your one in the fabrication for the Snorkel.. works a treat.. I remember your nav, fn spotless nav!
  12. Been a while

    Aluminum Radiator D22 ZD 30

    Howdy man, where you the bloke I got the air box from for a slab? Yes mate, all going fine, touch wood lol Pretty sure mine was the ASI one also.. They have a little issue with the lower cowling mounts.. you'll need to enlarge the holes a touch, and file a touch of the cowlings mounting...
  13. Been a while

    Circuit timer on glow plugs
  14. Been a while

    Circuit timer on glow plugs

    Waking up an old thread, I'm looking into this.. Charlie's onto it... That's what I see happening, creates a hot spot combined with there being no meat there.. They can drop valve seats from this.. Pooroll post worth a read..
  15. Been a while

    How to keep a d22 with 386000kms on it going strong?

    Lol, they're not alive until 3000rpms
  16. Been a while

    Heavy Duty Idler Arm/Bracket

    Hi man, the idler arms have always been an issue "on all" cars for wearing! A Mazda a had used them like tyres, actually quicker lol you'll find bush kits for most makes and models.. There is no Heavy Duty ARM that "I" know of?, there's a "H.D Bracket" a few mobs make.. Yes, highly advisable...
  17. Been a while

    excessive oil in catch can

    How much did the compression test cost you? Did they do it through glow plug or injectors apertures?? Just asking because I don't know! I would be thinking injector, but it maybe the glow and they cut fuel to the injectors??? On the usage, as Izzi wrote, try and keep that hose up high..
  18. Been a while

    Relacing zd injector pump looking for a second opinion

    It's under there! Dang uni grease, she was well lubed and weather protected ;) I had stuck my head under there over the different services and never noticed any weeping/leaks etc but this is the first time removing the cover since it was fitted.. All seems ok that way, wiring seems fine,,, so...