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  1. Old.Tony

    Does anyone know?

    I thought there were splines on the ends of the bars. I wonder if they're stripped now? I can't imagine another reason for it to sag constantly.
  2. Old.Tony

    Good morning, I'm a new member. NP300 rear bumper

    I'd imagine the only places you're going to find out are either a Nissan dealer or a wrecking yard. I'd give you the number of one on the NSW Central Coast but since you're in the UK, I'd say postage might be a killer.
  3. Old.Tony

    2012 trip meter and economy resets

    I assume you're talking about the A and B trip meters resetting ... this usually happens when the instrument cluster loses power completely. This could be either a battery that's losing volts as you're starting (has enough amps to crank, not enough volts to keep the instrument cluster going) or...
  4. Old.Tony

    New member/long time lurker

    Welcome aboard. The MAFS are fairly hardy as long as they're not treated poorly (sticking things in the hole, dropping them, getting them wet). The boost sensor is the same - hardly ever hear of any issues with either of these items. First thing I'd suggest is cleaning the battery terminals...
  5. Old.Tony

    “Newish” member

    Welcome aboard!
  6. Old.Tony

    Black sludge under oil cap, no white

    Black in the oil of a diesel is normal. They produce a lot of blow-by and part of that blow-by is soot. It's unavoidable. A good engine flush during an oil change might help. I've heard of Seafoam for the carbs on my bike but never for the crankcase, learn something new every day. I would trust...
  7. Old.Tony


    That's good to hear! I had the brass vacuum part screwed (and epoxied) into the hard pipe that comes up towards the baffle. The Tillix valve itself just sits hanging in the hoses, I set mine up exactly as per the instructions and it was perfect (except I didn't tighten the lock nut on mine...
  8. Old.Tony

    Issue with car gaining power till 2000 revs

    Sounds like it's not getting boost like it should. It's probably blowing some black smoke as well? It would be worth having a look at the turbo and its controller (the actuator might be vacuum, not sure, and the boost control solenoid has been problematic in the YD25s, don't hear much about the...
  9. Old.Tony

    D40 over heating and won't start

    Something must have emptied the radiator and then the engine overheated. That may have cooked either the head gasket or the head itself. Steps: 1) Determine if you want it fixed. Some don't, depends on $. You can get a brand new head for under $1500 with valves and camshafts and everything...
  10. Old.Tony

    Rear Brake Lights and Indicator wires

    Indicators do have a presence in the instrument cluster, a multimeter will help there. Brakes have a switch (possibly two, if you have cruise control) on the pedal.
  11. Old.Tony

    QD32 Power Surging Issue Help needed

    Looking at the wiring diagrams for the VQ40 engine, each coil is triggered directly by the ECU, so timing will be taken off the crankshaft position sensor (located on the oil pan). This can be interferred with by debris in the teeth - that's happened before, usually a sign of something else...
  12. Old.Tony

    QD32 Power Surging Issue Help needed

    Hi Peter, This might be a timing/advance issue in the petrol engine, they have quite different quirks to the diesels. What year is yours?
  13. Old.Tony

    Nav build

    SAS conversions have been done before, you'll probably need to get it engineered (if only for the increased height so the front axle can clear everything). I don't think the V9X would bolt on to your FS6R31A gearbox. The V9X only came with the RE7R01B 7-speed. These engines and boxes have been...
  14. Old.Tony

    New Member

    Welcome aboard. That's not a lot of mileage at all - the engine is really only just run in! :)
  15. Old.Tony

    D21 engine swap

    I haven't done this before, but a bit more information might help people - what year model is yours, what engine does it have in it at the moment?
  16. Old.Tony

    What do these wires do

    It's an Australian ute, my guess would be the seat belt pretensioner. Have a close look around the bottom of the seat belt clip. Edit: back in 2007, Australia didn't get fancy stuff like heated seats or missile warning systems or even electrically adjustable passenger seating.
  17. Old.Tony

    The old “ZD30 Won’t Start”

    Their web site is still active. I guess that's a good sign!
  18. Old.Tony

    Is there anything other problems

    Welcome aboard. The YD25 in the D40 regularly takes 20psi of boost without a drama so you could easily go that high as long as your intake piping is up to it (lips on hard tube, hose clamp beyond the lip to prevent slippage). A catch can is a good idea, although the lack of catch can has given...
  19. Old.Tony

    2010 Nissan navarra ST DPF nightmare

    The pipes heading up into the engine bay to the small black sensor are the pressure differential pipes. The black sensor is a hall effect device that looks at the difference between pressures in the two pipes. The important sensors are the electrical ones front and rear of the DPF, and Mat...
  20. Old.Tony

    Horn Failure 2019 NP300

    The horn fuse is in the engine bay, in the distribution box near the battery. 15A fuse.