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    D40 2010 from Poland 2.5L

    The photo of the tents and all sure looks neat. All the rest are good too.
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    What is your life like in Sweden? And welcome to the forum.
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    My D40

    That was so nice, I had to make the photo show better.
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    Selecting reverse while moving forward

    Why would you want to change from 5th to reverse while in motion?
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    First time owner

    That's great. Please post a photo once you have it home.
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    My tilly

    I see you have the pipe for the carb so you can go through deep water. So, do you go through low rivers for your adventures?
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    Fresh meat

    Welcome to the forum. And with that member name and the title of this thread - are you a meat sammich?
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    River Crossings and Cattle.

    The only time I've been tent camping was in the back acreage that had cattle. Fortunately the hubby of my cousin went out the day before and cleared the area of droppings, and then put up a temp fence in the small area we were camping in. It was very nice and no strange visitors in the night.
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    River Crossings and Cattle.

    I could see where the cattle just want the good grass. I just hope there is not a great big steak feast at the campground. And maybe it will all work out.
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    New to the forum

    Welcome to the forum.
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    River Crossings and Cattle.

    Neat story. Have you been camping since then and did you run into any other kritters?
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    Comment by 'NavaraAdmin' in item 'Black Betty's Journey'

    Good looking vehicle. You have kept it really looking like brand new.
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    Increased the file size for attachments and videos.

    I have increased the attachment file size from 10240 to 20480kb. And the video files maximum size have increased from 10240 to 51200kb. And there is a new Upload Video button added next to the Attach Files button on the lower left. Once the video uploads it shows Insert: Video next to the...
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    Please help! UHF antenna stolen again!

    Where do you store it, and can you show a photo of how it's attached? It may give others a better idea of what may help you.
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    forum has changed

    Thanks so much. I have that being looked into and corrected. Too bad I cannot get someone to fix that Aussie site. What is it out of curiousity?
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    forum has changed

    The actual old forum should have converted to lead you here about 3 days after the change. Even if you kept the old link. So you say they are not redirecting you here?
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    Time to move on

    Just because you don't have your Navara any longer, you can still visit and enjoy the trips and trials of the remaining members.
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    PLEASE READ: How to use the new software.

    Or you can use the report at the bottom left of a post, and that will bring it to all 'staff' attention. And it gives a box to describe what you would like done, or what the "staff" needs to know.
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    Can admin please contact me

    It's been taken care of, thank for telling him to get in contact with me.