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  1. Rainbow Warrior

    Np300 wheels and tyres

    I’m going to get a 2” lift for my Np300, looking at new wheels and tyres to , would 285-70-17 tyres fit without cutting, what offset would be better to fill out these arches ,10 or 20 , and what width of wheel would be better 7 or 8 inch ?
  2. Rainbow Warrior

    Chassis rust ,

    I was fitting a city bar on the truck and found rust on the chassis, it’s going into the dealer to get checked, 17reg , 55k miles , anyone else found this
  3. Rainbow Warrior

    Number plate Lightbar

    Fitted a number plate bracket LED , fitted to a switch but I’m going to get the STEDI wiring harness that taps into the full beam
  4. Rainbow Warrior

    Bonnet guard with logo

    Looked the bonnet guard with logo on 4x4AT but they were sold out , So bought one from a company in Belgium, Had to wait a while for it to com from New Zealand , it has arrived but the Navara lettering is off centre , they are investigating this , it’s the same one 4x4AT sell , has anyone bought...
  5. Rainbow Warrior

    Tailgate damping kit

    Hi Guys, I bought this kit but no instructions, anyone know how it goes on , looks like I need to drill a hole in the tailgate , no template ?, Any help appreciated john
  6. Rainbow Warrior

    A few mods

    Headlight/Taillight guards and Bonnet Struts fitted
  7. Rainbow Warrior

    Central locking for Tailgate

    I’m fitting central locking to the tailgate of my np300, the instructions in the kit says to route wiring along the chassis and in through the bulkhead to the loom on the passenger footwell , I have central locking on my canopy , so would be good to fit them there if possible, does anyone know...
  8. Rainbow Warrior

    Towbar wiring functions

    I got a Towbar fitted by a mate of a mate , 13pin with charging and fridge , when I connect to to the caravan ad select reverse the Navara rear sensors don’t turn off ,
  9. Rainbow Warrior

    New Navara

    Picked up my Navara yesterday , needed something bigger than my Passat estate for all the stuff my wife takes in the caravan , looking forward to interacting with you guys john
  10. Rainbow Warrior

    Bought a Navara today

    Looking forward to interacting on the forum ,