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  1. dazzacomputer

    Comment by 'dazzacomputer' in item 'RED Thing'

    RED Thing :: 2003 Nissan Navara D22 Dual Cab ST-R (2012-07-06 08:01:00)
  2. dazzacomputer

    3" D22 Exhaust Systems

    Hey Nathan. is that a fitted price?
  3. dazzacomputer

    d22 3ltr throttle response

    Hi Guys and Gals. I have a 2003 ST-R ZD30. I have noticed when changing back 3rd to 2nd, the throttle is not always responsive. Annoying in the traffic when you want to give it a few revs to change back easier, but the engine doesn't rev. Haven't noticed it any other time. Any one else have this...
  4. dazzacomputer

    Cooper ST Maxx whos running them?

    I'm north of Brisbane.
  5. dazzacomputer

    Cooper ST Maxx whos running them?

    Coopers S/T Maxx Hey guys. I have some near new (5000k) Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx's on my D22 STR. These are 265/75/16. I want to change them out as they are a bit "overkill" for my needs. Any one know what these are worth to sell second hand? The Spare has not been used. Still have the...
  6. dazzacomputer

    D22 Fuel usage seems high?!?

    Hi Guys. I have purchased a 2003 ST-R 3Ltr Dual Cab. Has a 3inch Lift, 265/75/16 Cooper S/T Maxx's, egr mod. Standard exhaust. I run about 130k a day for work. 50% city driving and the last tank full I used 68L for 704k. 100k p/h maximum speed on hwy. This equates to approx 9.66LPH. Of coarse...
  7. dazzacomputer

    265/75/16 on a D22 - Want answers? Use this thread.

    D22 Tyre sizes for Towing Hey all. Newby here. Just purchased a D22/2003. It has a 3 inch lift and Cooper S/T Maxx 265/75/16LT tyres. Has the standard alloy rims. Question is, Would the higher tyres affect towing capacity? I bought the vehicle for the 3 ton tow. Any help would be great. Dazza
  8. RED Thing

    RED Thing