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    D22 Conrod Bearings

    could cause more damage down the road
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    getting zd30 parts from asia

    sorry wrong company , i used to get my ssangyong parts through them ... try Nissan Car & Auto Spare Parts Online - Genuine Online Car Parts Catalogue - Amayama these guys have diagrams etc search by vin or chassis number
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    getting zd30 parts from asia

    KORAPS - KORea Auto Parts Service - HYUNDAI KIA GM SSANGYONG RENAULT Genuine Parts! Low Price! this crowd is reliable sells in US dollars our dollar is going up should become cheaper, punch in your parts and model in google search can come up with supplier
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    P1814 NISSAN Description The wait detection switch detects if the transfer case is in 4WD. DTC P1814 will set if an improper signal from the wait detection switch is input due to open or short circui Your sensor switches , one is open and the other is closed circuit ,, as mentioned above...
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    Electric light problem

    thinking back i had problem connected 7 pin to 5 pin trailer plug had to change a couple of the wires around , cant remember what the lights were doing
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    No low beam on headlights

    it was my fuse did a continuity test while they were in which gave me false reading had to pull them out and do a visual
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    Won't start

    didnt realize it was that old as some one mentioned before fuel delivery would be good start to look into check your primer before you start , it should be holding pressure
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    Tonka Truck new member

    i have 2016 mod twin turbo auto have towed 3 tons with it i can still pull at 100klms / going up hills between wang.melb. ballarat. These utes arn''t the best stoppers with a load. Once when wet, i had the arse end swing out accellerating up a hill out of traffic lights. Has plenty of power...
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    Won't start

    read codes, could be cam sensor
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    more than one light comes on at a time , bad earth usually when 2 earth wires or more on one earth bolt. bad earth wire feeds next earth wire

    this is what happens bad earth wires carry current creating following continuose Circuit Example Consider a very simple circuit consisting of four light bulbs and one 6V battery. If a wire joins the battery to one bulb, to a second bulb, to a third bulb, then back to the battery, in one...
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    Electric light problem

    i have had this problem in about 3 of my old cars (not hooked up to trailer) , its always been earth problem. i found mainly hapenned were there were more than one wire to earth. what happens is the top wire earths through the globe fillament of the second wire which goes back to the earth...
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    Knuckle assembly wont come off

    sometimes helps to lower the car onto solid metal sitting under bolt (takes wait) then bash etc. never put jack under bolt as it may topple when the bolt releases
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    Knuckle assembly wont come off

    what you do is put a heavy hammer against the cast on one side of the bolt. then bash the other side of the cast, bolt should pop out.. You can also buy a tappered fork that you push in above the rubber boot
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    Automatic hubs wont fit

    4WD should only be engaged when road surface traction is low. you need to exercise extreme caution in how fast can you drive in 4WD high? It is not recommended to drive faster than 60KLPH in 4WD .there is always the risk of drivetrain “binding” if we don’t adhere to this rule.Driving in...
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    Glow issue 2005 Navara

    Have you changed your NEAUTRAL SENSOR SWITCH ,,if it causes the following problem it my also be causing you to put it in 2nd to get the glow plug to come on This is fitted on the gearbox and if faulty will give low engine power To test just drive the car up an incline in 4th gear and move the...
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    Squeaky fan under dash

    something dropped down my windscreen vent i think it was paper
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    How many K's on your 550 V9X & any problems you may of had

    perhaps look for used engine, put add in gumtree
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    Strange woo woo woo noise

    if its rattling or knocking could be contaminated fuel, not burning properly , black smoke
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    Finding tdc via glow plug hole. Stumped.

    a few tips make sure you grease the short drive shaft for front wheel drive , there is a nipple that greases the inner spline very hard to find,. one thing i regret not doing was putting in a new radiator at 200klms, it cost me a new head plus now blows smoke when i start. also the front...
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    Clunking noise when first pulling away

    on my d22 4x4 i had a worn short driveshaft that engages the front drive ,the uni were fine but the inner and outer shaft were worn it was floppy when you shook it (never been greased) this shaft turns all the time?