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    Door trim clip broken

    ^ Worth having for that price. It's an unwritten rule when working on trim, there's always one that breaks...
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    Voltage Sensing Relay (VSR) question

    I don't think it matters where you have the vsr. As long as it disconnects the starting battery at <12.7v (or whatever it's set at) it's doing what it is supposed to. Not a bad idea to have fuse near the starter battery though.
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    Door won't open

    If you've got central locking, does it unlock properly? Should give a clunk and the lock thingy should move, indicating the actuator is alright. If not and you've got the trim off it should be easy enough to do via the push rods?
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    d22 zd30 start fault

    ^ No electrical connections at the injectors on the zd30 afaik. They're the old fashioned type. If the wiring and plugs to the pump are ok, it's most likely a faulty pump, unfortunately.
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    Voltage Sensing Relay (VSR) question

    When a battery is full (or as full as it is going to get) at alternator voltage, it won't accept any more charge, so there's nothing to worry about. As others have said the alternator alone will never fully charge it, especially with voltage drop to the tub so it's worth putting a battery...
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    Seasons Greetings

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    2006 d22 zd30 not starting

    Sorry to hear that. Any more info? Did it suddenly stop, anything else happen, have you worked on it or changed anything recently? How long since last fuel filter change? If you pump the primer on top of the filter, how may pumps does it take until it is solid? Is it showing any fault codes?
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    2006 D22 ZD30 Engine Shutting Down

    Great you got it sorted mate.
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    D22 zd30 no start

    ps. Glow plugs working?(although it probably should kick over without them) It also might be worth checking all fuses? The "NATS" is something I don't think we got here so know nothing about it. Do they have a remote unit anywhere, or is the whole thing done by the main ecu?
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    D22 zd30 no start

    Yeah, should be ok just to see if it kicks over. Either that or give the whole intake a good once over. Someone on here did mention having the intake blocked from a critter once, an owl or something. Fuel problem seems more likely. Never taken an injector out of one of these (and hope never to...
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    Decals, graphics vinyl wraps... show us what you got or what you've seen and liked...

    Yeah, a few "graphics" on mine, as well as the occasional "pin striping". None of them intentional though lol. Not much give in things like sandstone and trees (both fallen and upright) and taking the wrong line, especially on badly rutted, off camber and slippery tracks can be a good way to...
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    D22 zd30 no start

    Yeah, it is possible, others on here will know what does/doesn't work. The best way of getting codes is probably to use the engine light method. Using the theory that when diesels won't start they're lacking either fuel or air, and as you seem to have fuel.....Have you tried undoing the intake...
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    2006 D22 ZD30 Engine Shutting Down

    There is a "throttle position sensor" on the accelerator pedal that sounds likely. Not sure how to check that, works off a 0-5 v signal. If you search "zd30 throttle position sensor" you should find threads where others have had this problem and how they approached it. Out of curiosity, if...
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    Tyres for off road

    They look like fairly aggressive AT's. Can't say what they're like, haven't used them. A lot depends on where you're going to be off roading. As Kevin says, if you're going to be touring in the outback you just need good reliable tyres that you're confident in, tread pattern isn't that...
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    Transfer Case & Differential Services

    You might also find it easier with one of those cheap pumps from supercrap, ones that screw onto the oil container so you can pump it in.
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    Transfer Case & Differential Services

    It's straightforward, they're easy to locate. A 1/2" drive ratchet/bar with an extension is all you need (at least on mine it is). It's probably best to loosen the filler plug first. You don't want to drain the oil and find you can't get a filler plug undone. That's very unlikely to happen but...
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    Check battery light and aircon stopped working.

    The fact that the battery light is consistent with no air con could indicate a belt problem, as a good place to start.
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    Check battery light and aircon stopped working.

    ps. how is the fan belt? No slipping? Is the idler pulley/tensioner ok, enough tension on the belt?
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    Check battery light and aircon stopped working.

    I think first up I would be looking at why the battery light is on. What voltage are you getting across the battery while the light is on (with car running)?