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    knock on my front end solved

    turned out to be front shock bushes on my d22 1998 . i had replaced the shockers and used new red neoprene high quality bushes . lasted about 2 months ended up cutting out the old rubber bush out of my old shock and reusing them.
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    Suspension and steering refresh

    i have used after market parts cv joints and other steering parts, not good were 2 parts from fleebest?? alternator cluch pulley had to modify spacer,, tail shaft centre bearing supposed to be one piece separated straight away
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    Tub conversion from 2014 to 2015

    the body shape changes with the 2015 model you will end up with a tapered gap
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    Newbie having problems

    try this
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    Newbie having problems

    remove the air supply hose to throttle body and check that the flap should be stable if its swinging from open to close , disconnect the electrical power coupling and run the engine
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    300000k+ front end service, H.D Drag Link set up, Lower Control Arms- Ball Joints, Bushing replacement. Sway bar bush and link kit. Wheel Bearing R/R,

    lower ball joint removal without tools use hammer, jack block ,of wood never hit the thread part of ball joint(top of bolt) .,hit the casting that holds the bolt. In most cases on one side of casting i hold a block of metal or a very heavy hammer while you bash the shit out of the opposite...
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    Ecu trip.

    a couple of past issues,,,oil leaking from turbo into exhaust.. blocked engine breather , catch can
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    Electrical System connection ID help

    black wire may be hanging there in case its needed for add on.. if its got an eyelet end i would be looking for an earth bolt close buy if every thing is working leave it hang there. If you want to have power windows you also have to change the whole winder assembly that lifts the window a...
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    Front air bag sensors

    this is for 2004 model and 2008 I think a lot of cars have a yellow connector
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    Grinding noise when braking while turning

    i had that problem it was a collapsed needle roller bearing causing hub to wobble, also had bad cv joint ,worn upper and lower ball joints i then also changed 2 large bearings and seal, jack car up and grab wheel horizontally and move it a little side to side should be firm and have a small...
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    Squealing noise goes away when clutch pressed

    have you got enough free play on clutch pedal ,the thrust bearing may be making contact all the time
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    Fuel filter replacement on a uk np300

    if you try priming filter by cranking engine you will destroy inj pump $6000 plus damage , get an expieriened mechanic to do it, hell of a lot of people here ,asking for help with air locks in fuel system. working on engines is not easy
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    Dash lights staying on

    Many car owners are facing a strange issue these days. When they turn off the ignition of the car and remove the key, somehow the dashboard lights are still on. It has left many car owners wondering about what could cause this issue. Car experts recommend that if the lights are on even when the...
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    Hello all from Scotland , help needed plz

    any one tried this if you dont have obd2 code reader
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    Hello all from Scotland , help needed plz

    Reset ECU in cabin without battery disconnect. Car is an Australian delivered 2012 Nissan X-trail but should also work for most nissan models 2006+ . Written instructions below... 1) Put the car in "ON" mode (cars with intelligent key press the start button twice with foot off the brake to put...
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    Oil leak around sump area

    try re tensioning all the bolts evenly first it may stop leak, check for oil tracking else wear
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    Navara D40 2.5 Diesel crank angle sensor

    on my 2007 model ssagnong i ran the engine with the faulty throttle body disconnected, it didnt interfere withe the performance of car ,it only showed a fault code,from my understanding the flap can self regulate with intake of air, is there any chance that the flap is forced to close by...
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    D22 how to remove cylinder head

    If you use to much antifreeze you will experience the issue of foaming. Also, the antifreeze when foaming and blowing back on your hood and fenders will damage the paint.15 Oct 2017
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    EGR Mod on my V9X

    for above $552.00 EGR Valve Pierburg Brand Part# EGR-048 There is more than 1 type for this model, please make sure you compare image or part number to your original before purchasing