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  1. Old.Tony

    Grinding noise when braking while turning

    Have had the same, replaced the wheel bearing unit and all good.
  2. Old.Tony

    D40 tow bar compatibility

    I don't think the later units can be used on the earlier model vehicles and Thai builds had slight variations in the chassis - I know the fronts were different (affecting bullbars) but not so sure about the rear. A towbar supplier (like Hayman Reese 1800 812 017) would be able to give you...
  3. Old.Tony

    U1000 CAN Communication Circuit.

    I'd pop the current ECU out and open it. Examination of the board may reveal some damage and give you the answer, rather than having to read tons of wiring diagrams and compare them to what's in your car. It may be that the vehicle was struck by lightning, in which case I'd expect to see...
  4. Old.Tony

    U1000 CAN Communication Circuit.

    The ECU is specific to the model, engine and transmission, so a petrol ECU won't suit a diesel, one from a manual gearbox car won't suit an auto etc. I am not sure if a Thai build will suit a Spanish car, I can't see why that wouldn't work. Antitheft is in the BCM not the ECU, so if your ECU is...
  5. Old.Tony


    With no smoke we'll assume the turbocharger is ok. If the car thinks it is in neutral it will behave like this, the ECU won't allow full power in neutral or park. It's worth checking the plugs on the gearbox to make sure one hasn't come loose. Also, air in the fuel system can cause trouble...
  6. Old.Tony

    EGR Mod on my V9X

    If memory serves, the V9X had a flow sensor so you couldn't blank the EGR completely anyway. Those that put in the plate had to drill an 8mm or 10mm hole to allow some gas through or the CEL came on. Some people fixed this by turning off EGR in the ECU, but you need ECU editing software and...
  7. Old.Tony

    Engine Stalling at Cold Instantly and also at warm

    Unplug the neutral position switch on your gearbox and see how it performs.
  8. Old.Tony

    Truck For Sale 2004 D22 Dual Cab 4WD Navara, 6.0L, 4Spd Auto, $35,000

    They run Colorado/DMax/Triton/Ranger events "Super Utes" which have respectable lap times, lots of black smoke, but sound like shit in comparison to the V8s. Here's an event (Newcastle 500) with Super Utes. I'm actually visible (although unrecognisable) at the 44 second mark, standing in my...
  9. Old.Tony

    Tuning and engine KM's

    The larger tyres change the ball game somewhat. Developing more power will return the vehicle to performance that you're accustomed to, but will cruise at similar speeds at lower RPMs. I'm surprised you haven't considered something like diesel gas (LPG injection), which is supposed to boost...
  10. Old.Tony

    Truck For Sale 2004 D22 Dual Cab 4WD Navara, 6.0L, 4Spd Auto, $35,000

    As some of you may know, I volunteer for Supercars (usually in pit lane at the exit). We'd heard that Toyota were going to put an entry in since they also make a V8 engine but were reluctant ... I jokingly supplied them with a plausible method of competing fairly that I now offer to you. Like I...
  11. Old.Tony

    Won't start

    That's a few more pumps of the primer than I'd expect. I'd think there's an air leak. Try this: get it firm, then keep going. Overpressurise the system (you can't hurt it). It will reach the point where diesel starts coming out of a leak - fix it and you should be right after that (unless you...
  12. Old.Tony

    Possible Fueling issue? D40 2006

    The fastest way to find an air leak around the fuel pump is to overprime the system. I had the water sensor incorrectly installed on my filter and air was getting in, allowing the fuel to drain back to the tank overnight (made starting difficult). I should have paid attention to the position of...
  13. Old.Tony


    Please also tell us about any smoke that you might see, if there's lots of black smoke you might just have a loose/leaking vacuum line to the turbocharger.
  14. Old.Tony

    Ignition lock

    If it's not a worn key, and it is the pin, then a mechanic may be able to just file the burr off it after it's been removed. If the key is worn you could get another cut. Good locksmiths will require your VIN and will be able to look up the key pattern in the database, cut the key and put your...
  15. Old.Tony

    D40 blow by,

    As above. @Tappet - that's a Snugtop. Same as mine, very nice. The locks aren't perfect, need to regas the struts a bit too, and the interior light in mine shit itself but other than that it's an awesome canopy. @Frosty: nice car. At 290,000km it's only just run in, mine's done 345,000km now...
  16. Old.Tony

    Navara D40 2014 CAD 3D model

    Ok I'll lock this one and expire it soon.
  17. Old.Tony

    Navara D40 2014 CAD 3D model

    I'll move it into the right place.
  18. Old.Tony

    D40 overheating issue

    I agree. I am using the factory-fitted coolant sensor, I'm only getting my temperature information from the ECU. Normal driving on fairly level ground results in around 94-96 celcius. Towing on level ground results in temps rising to about 98 tops. Hills (not towing) can raise the temp to 102...
  19. Old.Tony

    Milage display blank

    I've not had to get to the back of my instrument cluster yet. It should be reachable from underneath though, there's a bit of room but you might need either thin hands or a university degree in contortionism. You might be able to do it through the centre console - if you lift the tray above the...
  20. Old.Tony

    Ignition lock

    Try turning the steering wheel in both directions as you gently turn the key. It's possible that the steering lock has engaged with some tension on it, and that might have damaged the pin that engages the lock.