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  1. jsawrey

    Fan Speed Resistor

    just starting too do this, got stuck and this thread is a big help. Thanks
  2. jsawrey

    Alloy winch bar modification

    I am thinking about getting one for my ute too. Still looking for a 2nd hand one as it is abit pricey.
  3. jsawrey

    ZD30 D22 hard to start

    Thanks guys. bods and boogieboots Yes it was the starter motor full of old oil from when I had a injector seal leak (I think). Pulled it out, pull it apart and gave it a decent clean. Works better than it ever had before. 2 crank (so much faster now) and she fires up with no more codes. And the...
  4. jsawrey

    ZD30 D22 hard to start

    And I forgot to say I changed the glow plugs because it was hard to start (no codes) if I didn't drive it much (couple of days or colder morning struggled to turn over but would start still) and then I changed the battery thinking old one no good low {only low in fluid}. Then it started throwing...
  5. jsawrey

    ZD30 D22 hard to start

    2005 navara str zd30ddt. Yeah I think have the same problems. Hard to start, tacho flying all over the place, engine light on goes off after starting couple of times (warming up) till today which stayed on. I've changed glow plugs (online auto parts) new battery 810cca. Got lots of codes at...
  6. jsawrey

    265/75R16 will it mess up speedo ?

    Thanks guys. I went into nissan at nambour and spoke to them. 70 series tyres are what I should have on and the speedo will be spot on. So a little bit slower in klms till I buy a new set. My son gave me his gps (bought a better one lol). So no more speeding tickets hopefully. Big change from...
  7. jsawrey

    265/75R16 will it mess up speedo ?

    so has anyone figured out a easy solution to fixing the speedo yet. Mine is reading approx 5klms under and I'm on 265/75/16's which are standard for the 2005 d22 str td. I changed the dash cluster and speed sender unit to fix a fault in the speedo getting stuck at 80 originally and faulty fuel...
  8. jsawrey

    Saying Hi

    Hello everyone I'm Jason been using this site for ages doing repairs on my old d21 which I'm selling now as I bought a 2005 d22 STR 3l turbo diesel ZD30DDT motor manual which I had to do the clutch in straight away. Was a mission and a half to do. Stuck in a Blusteele heavy duty flywheel lathe...