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  1. joe2006

    ARB canopy on long tub D22

    I have an ARB smooth finish canopy on a dual cab D40 and can take some internal photos of how it is mounted if you like?
  2. joe2006

    NP300 / D23 Canopy Choices - Which is best value ?

    I have a Navara with an ARB and another car with a Snugtop. I optioned the Snugtop up more and I don't know if the options are available for the D23. Travelling with a dog, the thing that is most important is sliding windows behind tub (to also help pressurise the tub) and sides. Preferably...
  3. joe2006

    Turbo replacement

    Sometimes I too had that sound under load and because of Tony's much earlier post about the issue, asked my mechanic to check that exact gasket before a trip away. As he couldn't replicate the sound on a test drive, told me, "She will be right. Just keep an eye on it". On the way home from our...
  4. joe2006

    What oil's are you using ?

    Wow that is cheap
  5. joe2006

    Squeeky when driving hard bumps

    Also check your bonnet latch. Move the front of the bonnet with your hand when it's closed to see if it squeeks. If so, a few layers of insulation tape on the bonnet side where it fits into the latch will solve that for a while. Requires replacement when the tape wears through.
  6. joe2006

    Blown up engine 2014 d40 thai built

    Further to what Tony said, not only is diesel engine oil different but a vehicle fitted with a DPF requires specific diesel engine oil (low ash). The wrong engine will ultimately result in DPF failure. Assuming yours is a journal bearing turbo, there must be some side to side movement which is...
  7. joe2006

    Brake pads and rotor replacement

    Around 200,000ks and my original pads, discs and shoes are still looking fine. Maybe I just go too slow?:LOL:
  8. joe2006

    Cobez's 2020 D23 ST

    That really pi55es me off. It's no different to stealing. Imagine what they do or more precisely don't do when it comes to fleet vehicles where there is nobody to check. I'm waiting for warranty to end and will do the servicing myself. At least I will know then what has actually been done...
  9. joe2006

    Cobez's 2020 D23 ST

    I have no idea about the EGR plate on a D23 unfortunately. Bilstein's are great shocks. I have the 4600 on the Nav and 5100 on the other. It will be interesting to see what ks you get from the Ridge Grapplers. They look similar to the BFG K02's, at least in the sidewall.
  10. joe2006

    Cobez's 2020 D23 ST

    Looks good. Did you notice much noise with the new tyres?
  11. joe2006

    Cobez's 2020 D23 ST

    Actually too good an opportunity to let pass. This is a bit more of their handiwork. The chassis is not painted but rather coated with a greasy wax coating. I didn't notice until I got home but they stripped the coating off under the oil filter and sump plug, presumably after cleaning oil that...
  12. joe2006

    Cobez's 2020 D23 ST

    I usually mark the oil filter too. Also the tyres because the wheels are supposed to be rotated on the other ute at every service and I ALWAYS have to argue that they actually do it, and then they don't reset the TPMS. Last service included a brake fluid flush (yeah before the air filter is due)...
  13. joe2006

    Cobez's 2020 D23 ST

    Gee $540 is steep. Surprising they change the air filter at the first service. In our other ute, the air filter doesn't get changed until 72,000ks! One extreme to the other. Looking forward to the photos. Missed the last ones until now.
  14. joe2006

    DPF problems !

    That made me laugh,. 😁
  15. joe2006

    DPF problems !

    I thought that the sensors sold by Auggie were recalibrated (either new or used) to trick the ECU into thinking no regeneration is required? If that is still the case, the DPF will require either gutting or removal, the latter requiring a delete pipe with bungs for the sensors. Alternatively the...
  16. joe2006


    Should have tipped some Ajax into the intake! hahaha (remedy for glazed bores)
  17. joe2006

    Cobez's 2006 STX

    That was quick. Glad everyone is happy.
  18. joe2006

    Cobez's 2006 STX

    That's great economy. I can can get into the low 9lph and sometimes nudge high 8's on the highway but have also been almost 30lph towing into a stiff wind at about 70-80kph. That hurt. At least if or when the time comes, it's still possible to DPF delete the Navara relatively cheaply, unlike...
  19. joe2006

    Cobez's 2006 STX

    Haha, the joys of the DPF. Well you would have received delivery by now and making excuses to go for another drive. I hope it serves you well. Apart from a radiator cap which was begrudgingly replaced by the dealer under warranty and a rear uni joint, the only thing that let me down on the...
  20. joe2006

    Cobez's 2006 STX

    Congrats on the new vehicle. Enjoy!