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  1. K

    Cluster globes

    Hi guys Can anyone point me in the right direction for the guy who changes cluster globe colours ive searched for weeks an cant find him on here I though he was in Sydney or anyone who can do them Cheers Kezz
  2. K

    Rear brake drum

    Does anybody no where I could buy a set of rear brake drum retainers and springs from during my rebuild mine are obsolete googled like crazy cant find anything 2014 D40 spanish if it matters
  3. K

    Glow plugs

    Hi everyone Im just bout to purchase new glow plugs for my 2014 spanish D40 auto just wondering what glow plugs everyone is using
  4. K

    D40 Glow Plugs

    Rightio so I've pulled my glow plugs put to check as im pretty much rebuilt hole bloody thing just wondering if the glow plugs look like this does that mean my injectors are gunna be pretty much cactus as well
  5. K


    hi guys newbie here currently in the midst of a massive make over on my black 2014 spanish auto navara D40.. Long story short a so called friend near but all rode my car off never seen her again or money to fix it so i was like bugger it mose well go all out,a little 2 out maybe ...oh well Mods...
  6. K

    2014 navara D40 spanish

    ok i no this has probably been asked but i searched and nothing came up I have a 2014 spanish 140kw auto D40 what year model navaras are parts interchangeable with. I was sure i googled 2010 on but im not 100% sure an wanted to be certain before i started spending hours of time googling away...
  7. K

    Aftermarket Radiator

    need some advice I have a 2014 spanish D40 auto 140kw ive purchased an aftermarket radiator from protex even though i gave them my vin etc they have still sent me a radiator for manual not auto (no cooker in bottom of it) Question is if i were to buy an aftermarket cooler an put hoses to it...
  8. K

    EGR question

    has anybody that has done an egr block off actually not worried with putting half the egr crap back on the car as i cant see the point when it will be blocked off and useless anyhoo. But didnt want to just go do it incase there is a purpose of putting the parts back on there. Cheers in advance
  9. K

    D40 roof racks screws

    Does anybody no what size screw goes in to the holes that the roof racks can screw to above each door mount Sent from my SM-G977B using Tapatalk