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  1. Old.Tony

    V9X Engine Failure??

    I've looked in the service manual and it specifically mentions this with a "Look in the SDS" for the clearances - and the SDS does NOT have these figures for the V9X. It has them for the YD25 but that's useless to you (I mean, what are the chances that they're the same between an inline-4 and a...
  2. Old.Tony

    Gray Smoke and Coolant Loss

    There's another possibility - the turbocharger is water-cooled, and if it develops a leak into the exhaust then you have the same result. The EGR cooler is really easy to bypass and doesn't really need extra hose, just a piece of pipe the same size as the EGR pipe the hose comes off, about...
  3. Old.Tony

    2013 D40 6 speed manual towing

    We chose an auto because we intended to do more towing than not. It's paid off, but I've also learned not to take the car to a small time operator for servicing. The Bucketts Way where it joins the Pacific Hwy is bloody stupid now. The highway is getting busier, and traffic coming down the hill...
  4. Old.Tony

    Strange Engine light issue

    The fuel pump is something a competent home mechanic could do, but if you have any doubts take it to a qualified one. Trying alternatives that cost less is always a good option!
  5. Old.Tony

    Cooling/Radiator to ally/ do you do the Water pump too? Whist ya there as they say!

    Well, the mechanic called. "Looks like you had a double row timing chain kit installed in here, guides look perfect mate, I wouldn't touch a thing!" And as I told the guy, that's the first time the timing cover has ever come off - we've owned the car since new - and he's the first to ever see...
  6. Old.Tony

    Strange Engine light issue

    We have a similar problem with the D40 YD25 engines, if the Suction Control Valve on the pump develops a fault, you can often "reset it" by turning the car off and back on again. The only permanent fix is to replace the SCV in our case.
  7. Old.Tony

    Cooling/Radiator to ally/ do you do the Water pump too? Whist ya there as they say!

    I let the mechanic arrange the water pump and the thermostat, so I don't know if they're genuine or not. They should be hard at it right now, too ... hopefully we'll get some good news later today.
  8. Old.Tony

    Strange Engine light issue

    Sounds like the dreaded fuel pump problem to me (I'll guess the ZD30 has a Bosch VP44), but there are others on this forum that know the ZD30 better than I.
  9. Old.Tony

    Cooling/Radiator to ally/ do you do the Water pump too? Whist ya there as they say!

    I'm having my water pump replaced as part of the head replacement (doing thermostat too). I'll take a look inside and let you know (they're working on it today and tomorrow - I should get a call tomorrow telling me it's done). The old parts (head, water pump and thermostat) are being put in my...
  10. Old.Tony

    Hi all 2008 D40 v6 petrol STX airbag light and no steering wheel controls at all ??

    ^ Ahh now that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for clarifying that! Yes, my indicator switch is on the right hand side.
  11. Old.Tony

    STX 550 Catch Can

    I think the reluctance to install the catch can is due to the limited space in the STX550's engine bay. The V9X is a relatively large motor. However, the catch can is actually a very simple device. There's a hose that runs from the PCV on the engine to the air intake in front of the...
  12. Old.Tony

    STX 550 exhaust

    You're right, there hasn't been a lot of chatter about exhaust replacements for the STX550. Plenty on the D22 because it's underpowered, quite a bit on the D40 YD25 because it could use a few extra ponies, but the V9X powerplant produces quite enough to keep most people happy. That, plus the...
  13. Old.Tony

    inter cooler pipes, catch can installation

    I mounted my catch can (which has now been removed) just near the left hand headlight. I don't think that's the best place for it, I really think a catch can should be mounted somewhere that gets ambient air more than engine bay heat. The reason is simple - you're basically asking the catch can...
  14. Old.Tony

    What is this valves purpose ?

    It controls the flaps inside the air ducts to mix warm and cool air to adjust the temperature of the air coming out of the vents. Your noise may be caused by this ("air mix door motor") or by the flaps themselves.
  15. Old.Tony

    inter cooler pipes, catch can installation

    ^ I will say that (having experience with the guy before), Jamie is great to deal with.
  16. Old.Tony

    D40 Radiator, how hard is it to find one that fits???

    No, mine's a Manuel. VSK is the start of the VIN. Bloody thing gets up to 88km/h and starts chucking tomatoes everywhere. It's also quite scared of bulls, and I live in a dairy/beef rural community!
  17. Old.Tony

    D22 runs perfectly. stops and won't start until had a rest, then runs perfectly for 10-15ks please help

    Welcome to the forum. I've no idea if your model has a Bosch VP44 fuel pump, they've been problematic in the past. But let's look at alternatives before going for the big ticket item! As always, we'll look at the free stuff first. When the car won't start, stop cranking it and pop the bonnet...
  18. Old.Tony

    D40 Radiator, how hard is it to find one that fits???

    MNT is a Thai build, so it's an ST or an RX (Thailand also produced the STX King Cab in 2010). All of the Thai diesels had the 126kW motor. Chassis rails are a couple of mm different in Spanish/Thai, so bullbars for one don't fit the other either. Otherwise, they're very similar. Things like...
  19. Old.Tony

    inter cooler pipes, catch can installation

    If you install a catch can, it will catch oil from the PCV. Regardless of how many km. Diesels just do it. Catching that oil just means that some of the oil vapour coming out of the PCV isn't going to enter the intake manifold and be burnt in the normal combustion cycle. The amount of oil varies...
  20. Old.Tony

    D40 Radiator, how hard is it to find one that fits???

    It shouldn't be. Specifically what model car do you have? We know it's a 2010 D40, but what are the first three letters of the VIN? This makes a difference.