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    Hi From the USofA

    R32 engine in Navara/Frontier?
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    D40 stereo up grade

    No can do sadly. Your head unit can't be upgraded to car play, and changing the head unit will lose the on screen display of Aircon etc.
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    Gear Box Removal

    The gearbox is more straightforward, but working underneath the vehicle is not a lot of fun, a transmission jack will make it much easier too.
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    Chassis rust ,

    Good that you have the official case raised with NCS. I suggest you write back informing them that you are not happy with outcome and that you wish to escalate the complaint within NCS.
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    V9X Engine Failure??

    Parts and knowledge seem thin on the ground for this engine, wherever you are. I have heard that this company are able to source parts, a long way from Australia though. https://m.facebook.com/nissanclutchproblems/
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    Poor fuel economy D40 SE auto

    That must be cleanest engine bay I have ever seen, especially for a 10+ year old vehicle.
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    Chassis rust ,

    At this stage it is just surface corrosion where the factory applied paint has fallen off. The rock salt applied to the roads in countries like the UK, Ireland and some US states destroys cars. Out of interest, Isuzu get their pickups undersealed as they arrive in the country. Your best bet is...
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    swapped 2008 D40 instrument cluster wrong mileage

    Not a Nissan dealer, I doubt if they will have the expertise.
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    swapped 2008 D40 instrument cluster wrong mileage

    The mileage is logged in the ECU and the instrument cluster. A specialist can update the instrument cluster
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    550 TI Pathfinder

    Correct that the fuel usage is calculated, most likey from the amount of time the injectors are delivering fuel for In this part of the world, the instantaneous fuel consumption works just as you describe as we use miles per gallon, Kms per litre would work the same way. Is there somewhere in...
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    550 TI Pathfinder

    I was referring to the diagnostics menu on the head unit, and to reiterate, you need to be careful as you could end up with a very expensive repair cost. The same head unit is/was fitted to a range of Nissan vehicles, most commonly the 370z. My Navara and Infiniti FX both have the same one...
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    550 TI Pathfinder

    The phrase "here be dragons" applies here. It is very easy to break the comms link between the devices and even brick the head unit. I would suggest that unless you have a problem that you leave it well alone.
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    Towing expectations

    1. 20 mpg 2. Yes, but it shouldn't be a major part of the selection 3. 20 to 25k miles 4. About 12k miles
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    Navara V9X Starting and Power Issues

    Just to clarify, the V9x did have a vacuum driven turbo actuator rather than electronic. On the fuel priming, it doesn't have an integrated primer bulb, you would need to use the separate pump which is normally behind the back seats with the rest of the tools. I would suspect a fuelling...
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    07 D40 2.5 Brake Booster

    It could be the non return valve. Worth buying a brake vacuum tester, not expensive, certainly cheaper than going to a garage.
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    Sunroof question

    You can buy generic modules that close windows or door mirrors. You could use one of these modules to do that job if you wanted.
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    New member. Hi my name is Norm. I have a 2013 STX 550 V6. Live in Rockingham WA. Love caravaning, fishing. Just retired two weeks ago.

    My 2014 is on its third intercooler, the first was replaced under warranty with a bit more distance covered than yours. Don't replace it with a Nissan one, a properly welded aftermarket one is the only option.
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    Tailgate load

    I have carried a lawn tractor in the tub with the tailgate down a few times. No issues with the tailgate taking the weight as you load it. However getting it up there safely is a challenge. Normal ramps are way too short, and the angle means it will ground on the mower deck. You can buy ramps...
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    service light d40 550

    Just turn on the ignition and press both knobs on the display console
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    Need Help/Car Playing up after river crossing

    Likely as not the ECU detected some readings that were outside of normal parameters and sent the engine into limp mode to protect it. Also worth checking the air filter isn't wet.