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  1. Tms40

    Error codes P0238 & P0473

    Unless your going to sell it and purchase a new car you run a risk with any vehicle. If it’s fixed now keep on truckin...
  2. Tms40

    My mods

    Welcome mate. Post up some pics of the rig.
  3. Tms40

    What did you do to your navara today?

    Not today but I don’t think I’ve posted this yet. My dual battery box and canopy light. Few more outlets on the back
  4. Tms40


    Yeah no chance. I used to fit bars many years ago.
  5. Tms40

    Securing Items in the Load Bay

    Can you find an eye bolt with the M8 thread? These are like $1.50 from Bunnings, M8 threaded and rated to 140kg.
  6. Tms40

    2" lift

    I've done about 3500km so far. A bit of off road but mostly up the Bruce Hwy from Brisbane to North Qld. Hot weather and rain and I cant complain about anything. I've been back for my free 1000km check up (as stated done 3500km), they just ensure everything has settled fine. I've found a huge...
  7. Tms40

    2" lift

    Mate i just put a Fulcrum Formula 2" enhancement kit on my D40. Comes with everything in the attached pic. Front springs are King Springs. Rear shackles are re-greaseable. Paid $1890 fitted and am very happy with it.
  8. Tms40

    Please help! UHF antenna stolen again!

    I'd put a new one on and make sure my dash cam was running over night or activated to movement mode to catch the bastards then flog them once identified with an aerial.
  9. Tms40

    Lift kit brands

    Mate just go on the fulcrum website. You can punch in your vehicle details and its shows you what kits are available. I’m pretty happy. Big improvement on ride
  10. Tms40

    Falken or Cooper tyres?

    I've got Toyo Open Country AT on my D40. Bought the car with 54k on it and its at 136k now. Not sure if they were OG tyres when i purchased the car bu they've either done 136k or 80k and counting. I'm more than happy with the tyres.
  11. Tms40

    Lift kit brands

    I just had Fulcrum 2" enhancement lift fitted 2 weeks ago. So far so good and its rides great. Supplied and installed was $1890. I've just completed a 3200km round trip from Brisbane to NQ and couldn't be happier.
  12. Tms40

    Lift kit for Navara (extended shackles and strut blocks)

    These fits both Thai and Spanish D40 Navara 2005-2014. Lifted car about 63mm. Greaseable rear shackles. Totally suitable to use standard shocks etc.. Gives vehicle a great ride height and stance. Purchased new from PerfectLift. Cost me $279 new. Selling Australia wide for $170 posted. Any...
  13. Tms40

    CV joint.

    Mate what did your noise sound like. I have a bit of a squeal under acceleration. Especially taking off in first and second. Seems to go up and down with revs but only when driving. Not in neutral revving engine. Thought it might also be clutch or CV. Scratching my head at the moment.
  14. Tms40

    D40 2.5D Auto (Spanish) Limp mode and more...

    HI mate. Sorry to hear all your problems. I had limp mode trouble and it was as simple as having a bad connection/blown brake light. Brake light issues on the Navs are known to cause limp mode issues. Have you got an electronic brake controller? Mine was playing up and caused limp mode. I had to...
  15. Tms40

    Instant tent or Normal Tent?

    By insta tent do you mean one of the Oztents? They are roomy, fast to set up but take up a lot of space and are heavy.
  16. Tms40

    Towing mirrors...again

    Plenty of Pre loved Clearview pop up for sale on their website for between $350-$400. I just got a set posted from Vic to Qld for $380. Black, electric and indicators. They are fantastic.
  17. Tms40

    Runing lights

    I’ve seen some that sit in the two outer grill panels but buggered if I can find where to get them. I’ll follow this thread with interest
  18. Tms40

    Light replacements with LED's

    I’m a Qld police officer. Changing the headlights to HID is illegal here and will earn you a defect ticket. I see many tickets issued in relation to this. I can’t see why you would upgrade, have you not had a car drive directly at you with hid lights. It’s like getting blasted with high beam
  19. Tms40

    Is this the right wire to cut on my alternator?

    Ok I didn’t bother running it to the cab. Just put an inline switch on top of the fuse box cover. Saved any chance of voltage drop etc.. affecting performance.
  20. Tms40

    Is this the right wire to cut on my alternator?

    Went camping off grid last week just north of Weipa and wasn’t aware of the smart alternator when I reinstalled my dual battery from my 03 Courier. Obviously I got poor performance from my AGM. So today I’ve just cut the green wire at the fuse box. Tomorrow I’m going to run an in-line swith to...