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    hi mate

    i seen your lift kit and wheels are up for sale,

    im keen to take it all off your hands,

    what price are we looking for the 35s, calmini 5 in, 2 in body and 2 in toughdog lifts,

    thanks mate get back to me!!!
    Hey mate - where did you buy your rims from? I really like the look. I have black sunraisers on at the moment but these look so much better
    hi there mate,
    Do you mind me asking where you got your rims from and what size they are. They look great.
    regards Jared
    awesome rig mate fuk i wish i could do mine like that haha whats pricing on lift?
    Nice rig there mate.
    Just wondering if you can find out what mods needed to be made to make the calmini kit fit as according to snake racing apparantly only fit the spanish built rigs.
    as im keen as to fit 35s under there as well.
    if not thats kk thanks anyway.
    Hi Van,

    Just a quick one put some pics up off ya beast. 5" lift must look wicked and would be awesome to check it out.

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