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  • Hey mate, I've just done a 30 mm bodylift on my 2012 D22, how did you go about raising the intercooler?
    Hey Russel,
    I recent bought a second-hand chipit chip. Unfortunately it didn't come with the tunes usb.
    I saw that you and camo.b had a similar discussion on a thread. Any chance you've still got the usb I can grab a copy of?
    Hey Russ

    Saw your nav last night, she is looking really good. I was working at johnson and paradise and you drove through.

    Saw a nice looking nav and thought "thats a good looking nav" Then saw your plates as you drove off.

    Hope to get a closer look on the 9th at glasshouse
    Russel , can you give me a call pls ..I've left a few PM's but no response..not sure what is happening

    Hey Muzza
    thanks for this feedback. i was gonna drop my tune down in the morning to tune 4. i having a bad run with fuel lately aswell, no damage though just getting poor economy still and its not improving. i still remember the days of 750 a tank but scraping the 600-650 mark atm. i may have to drop my boost level down. im running 19-20psi and im guessing its a lil to high and its over working the turbo and motor. let me know if you economy gets any better. Tune 10 seems a lil steep but it may be what it needs to get the fuel/air ratio right. my guess would be that the tune 5 is just punching more fuel into the system and not adding more air to compensate. i would like to get it custom tuned by a ChipIt prefered tuner and have it running properly.

    Hey Rusty
    Thought i'd give you an update on where i'm at with the tune settings.
    I'm currently on tune 10 with 16psi boost .Absolutely no black smoke (providing you have EGR blocked) and the power is great. Fuel ecomomy has been between 10-11.6 ltrs /100 .
    I have had problem with car i am currently away towing my caravan to Adelaide. Was going great not sure if i got some bad fuel but after driving for a few hours i stop for a break get back into car and i can barely keep it at 90km/h flat to the floor. This only happened when i was towing. I 've since parked the van. I changed the chip setting to tune 10 and have done 2 tanks of Fuel. Feels great now but i will be hooking up the van and heading for home soon and hope it's all good. Just wondering if you'd experienced anything like this .
    Mate I just turned up my boost back to the 20psi and EGT is all over the shop. Haven't really stuck it on the highway yet. Around down it never really gets higher then 400deg and that's giving it a lil. Had a recent trip to noosa at 110 most the way and it never went past about 350deg, on down hills it cooled right down to about 200deg. The digital readings are harder to get readings as it fluctuates so much. Also when I first turn on the car to accessories the gauge shows 40deg already. So to me that's saying the gauge could be 40deg out.
    Hey Rusty i just posted some photos under your thread showing the boost controller fitting
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