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  • Hi rumpig!

    Great work on the remapping i must say!
    Im keen to get my nav done too.

    Can you please let me know how much i owe you for the chip and sockets?

    Happy new year and all that sort of stuff too.

    Cheers Jos
    Hey mate I’ve heard a bit about your chips, I also got 05 d22 jist looking at getting more respons out of her, I fly in and out of Darwin might be able to have s chat, message me be back cheers mate
    Hi Rumpig did you get to the bottom of the boost cut? and do you still sell chips would like to resocket my 2001 patrol with daws valve,intercooler and exhaust
    Hey mate i'm still running your ecu. I'll whip it out and send it back, its been really good.
    Hi Scott, I've had a coupe of drinks so anything i type probably wouldn't make sense. P.M me your number and i'll give you a call, maybe Saturday arvo or any time Sunday,what time suits you?
    Hey Rumpig,

    Noticed in one of the threads that you have two of the auberin gauges installed is that right? Is that pre and post inter cooler so you can measure if the intercoer is doing it's job? Do you have pictures of where it's installed?

    I ask all the questions as I've just ordered the autron egt/boost gauge and was thinking I would use that for pre or post boost and then get an auberin gauge for the other. What do you think?

    It also has space for a third reading either water temp of some description or Ambient temp haven't decide yet...

    The d22 hasn't had the throttle issues again since so I'll give it another week and send the pedal back if that's cool? Would like to buy you a beer or a pizza for your effort and generosity if that's ok?


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