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  • hey there, just wondering if ya 33" rib under compression ? what size wheels and offseet are you running. .
    any help would be great ,
    i currently have 0 offset on a 15x 7 runnnung a 31 and it rubs , i have a 2" sus and 2" body lift, ,
    once again , any help would be great, ,
    ok and one last thing mate, what rims and what off set are u running? i've looked around and for the tyres i want probs need a +20mm offset (standard is +40mm)
    yeh ive actually gone to pedders as all the people ive talked to recommemded them and for 1250 fitted with good shocks its great value. then yeh was going to get the kit off ZORDO, did u fit that yourself? im fairly competent and been reading the forums. yeh was thinking 285/75 R16's which are 33.1/11.3 so should be good fit and was going to trim the plastic flares slightly as seen on a few navaras.
    on another note mine does not have airbags and am assuming yours doesnt as well and have u had any issues with insurance?
    cheers james
    hey man just looked at your navara and liked. hoew much to do the body lift and suspension. mines halfway being lifted 2 inch suspension, has rear ome leafs and will have the ironman kit and is running 31 coopers. it looked as though i could fit 33's in with just the 2 inch lift but heard you had too go the body lift as well?
    Yeh mate its adam, you i added you on facebook. I reconised your pic from your face book page.
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