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  • I had the HD coils added to my car (free) with the bonnet latch recall (more than 55Kg on the front so spring change was mandatory). Height was not greatly affected and the front rose 43mm with the new OME coils.
    So you seem to know your stuff and by looks of that rig of your rightly so. So what do you think of the Nissan Heavy duty coils?? They should be free as they are under warranty, but are they a waste as time?

    Hi Bob, depends on the tow hitch you have installed. Count the bolts - 6 bolts (3 each side) is NOT enough. 10-12 is enough. If you only have 6 there's a risk of cracking or bending the chassis.
    Hi Old Tony
    Sorry to trouble you, I know this topic would have been posted on this forum but being a newbie cant find it. Could you tell me if I can or can not use WDB ( Sheppered hook style) on my 2013 D40 Auto ST. Navara to tow my 16ft Jayco Freedom pop top van , how would it hurt my truck
    I suppose it could be something that's sticking when cold - either the actuator, vacuum pump or the vanes in the turbo - but I think everyone would prefer to try out the cheap stuff before throwing gobs of $ at a problem.
    Thanks for that. I'll buy a heap of vacuum line and replace just to make sure as I have been keeping an eye on them. I already have egr blocked and have cleaned inter cooler n hoses etc. I will let u kno if I find out what's going on. I had a Facebook answer saying they all do it. I find that a bit hard to believe. Once warm or driving its fine?
    Really thoroughly check the turbo actuator vacuum lines. REALLY thoroughly. If you can easily turn the hose on a connector it's gone hard and would benefit from replacement. Then run some injector cleaner through and block the EGR off - if the EGR valve opens momentarily you'll get this as well, although that's not common either. Apart from that, it could be an injector. I doubt it'd be a glow plug because once the coolant exceeds 85C the glows are turned off and you said you could still detect an issue when the engine is at normal temp (90-92C).
    Yeah I've kept the maf clean, cleaned intake system n intercooler, good servicing, fill up at same filtered bowser all the time, so I think I've kept the fuel system clean but I'm leaning towards a dodgy injector maybe? A real noticeable miss followed by a surging sound on idle. I'm getting antsy as I'm planning on flinders ranges in 5 weeks. Thinking I'm gonna have to cough up for real check
    Hi sevenmile7, first things I'd check at idle would be MAFS sensor. Gently remove it - if it's black inside the opening, give it a spray with electrical contact cleaner (don't touch or use other stuff - $400 in that part). There might be something wrong with the CAS if you're down on peak power - a slight misalignment will cause injection timing to be out a little - not a common thing but it has happened.
    Gday, just needing some advice, my d40 diesel 07 is idling really shithouse on cold-cooler starts. Even at normal temp I can pick up on slight deviations still. And with a buffered clutch moving off can end up with stalling and multiple tries to start ute up again. I'm pretty up with the ute so if I haven't already tried it or checked it I would love to see what you think.
    i can say this about k&n filters in a patrol they gum up the maf and cause all sorts of dramas over fuelling which can and has blown zd30 motors when i purchased mine it had a k&n in it i bought a recharge kit for it read up on them and duly went out and bought a nissan filter some do use them so what they do is wash them let them dry then oil them then let that dry so its a 2 day job and then useing them off road is a no no all this for a maximum of absolute best of upto 2% better performance while they are clean. mine tony is still sitting in the garage and i cant bring myself to putting it on ebay as i could then be in some way responsible for someone blowing their motor waffle waffle on.kev
    tony would you be able to send to me a write up you done on using different size tyres while 4wding how much the difference in cycles it does all the math that went with it hi how are you going my troll is really getting tricked now
    That was easy Kev, for a really bad tank (I did this to our drinking water tank):

    * Half-fill the tank and add a litre of vinegar. Shake vigorously.
    * Drain then flush the tank 3 times with fresh water, shaking each time
    * Add 100gm of bicarb of soda and shake like mad again.
    * Flush twice and it's ready to go

    I don't fill mine with a garden hose or even a food-grade hose. I tried using those and had the plastic taste out of the end o the hose - so I changed to a canvas hose on a reel (about $130) and now I get NO taste imparted on the water.
    tony you posted a thread a while ago about cleaning the plastic taste out of the van tank would you be able to pm that to me my tank is 90 litre. thanks kev
    Hey, I was told to PM you when I've sold the items in the selling section. Thread is called "IPF 900 spotlights for sale". Its been sold so it can be deleted. Thanks.
    Hey Kev, best place to source the front axle or diff NEW from is Nizzbits (send him a private message on this forum). If you want to get a second hand one, try - they both ship all over Australia.
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