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  • Hi Smee, this isn't a PM either, it's a visitor message which is visible to everyone that looks at my profile. You can send private messages from your "User Control Panel" (User CP) which is here (it's the same as the User CP link on the top of the page).

    The best place for an intro is the New Members Area which is here (it's also the very first forum at the top of the forum list here). Create a new thread in there and away you go!

    (Also sent as a PM to you in case you don't see this here)

    Hey there Tony, I'm new to the forum and would love it if you can help me. I can't figure out how to introduce myself to the forum. I don't see where to post this intro. and maybe ask a few questions of the group. I could only figure out how to pm you mate. I asked the admin by way of the message thingy to them but no reply yet. Hoping you don't mind helping out.
    Hey Pete, welcome aboard! (I'll PM this to you as well).

    2-stroke may not help your car - it's a fuel modifier more than anything else. I'd get a mechanic's stethoscope to the front of your engine listening to the timing chains - particularly low down where the tensioners are, because I suspect your tensioners might be sticking and that's going to ruin the chains.

    Hi Tony, Im Pete and from the UK and have just signed up to this site after seeing some of the advice you have given and have also just got a 2008 Navara long way down diesal 2.5 6 speed manual which i have a problem with.

    Its a great truck but is let down by the very loud tapping/ knocking noise when the engine is cold however after 5 miles or so it goes away, being manual i dont rev too much when cold and change up quicker than i normally would so as it dont make too much noise.
    I was reading that you can do a ecu reset and use 2 stroke oil in the engine so can you give any advice on how i do this please.

    Kind regards, Pete
    Tony, I've got a D40 auto new s/s exhaust no DPF but my own cat. broke down a week ago with busted EGR made a blocking plate and bobs your uncle. when looking at the blocking plate info on Internet found a blog with you/Bosshog/Apcconstructions and 3 other blokes doing testing to get better mileage, Could you tell me the final outcome tks ?? Os.
    Yeah mate, it must have been something sitting on the igniter. We know how to manually do it now and we'll NEVER leave home without a flexible-neck lighter again!
    Hey Simsy, it's probably a term or word in your text that's stopping you. The filter doesn't always allow everything. Look for mis-spelt words, acronyms that might mean something else (like the Klux Klan) etc.
    hey how come I cant start a new thread in D40 electrical it comes up with error and that I dont have permission.
    Hi Old Tony.

    To whom do I request a name change from Chip It to Chip Tuning which reflects the company name rather than the product we were selling.

    I want to answer some posts (accusations) but want to do it under the new user name.


    Ok I will first thing tomorrow. I'm still a little fuzzy on what you describe as widget thingo.
    I don't seem to have a DPF light on the dash on start up tho.
    Does that mean anything?
    Stevo, stick your head under the side of your car under where the passenger sits. Is there a big widget thing there rather than just a straight pipe? That's a DPF. If you have one, you need the good oil.
    By the way I need to change the oils etc.
    The guy that sold it to me tells me I have to use 10-40w penrite synthetic enviro+
    Is this true?
    Hi Tony,
    I can't find anything about a DPF in my user manual.
    I have a 2005 auto Trans Spain model D40.
    I'm guessing it does. Or does it not?
    Old tony, i have to post going about my canopy, turns out my canopy was wrong and dosnt fit o9 onwards, im really confused about it. but could you please delete my previous post about it fitting o0 onwards, the title was WTS canopy Brisbane
    Yeah I just had a Bull bar and winch added kinda dropped the front pretty quick. So hope the the H/D do the job till it comes to fitting the lift.
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