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  • hi, i am after info on foot rests please? do you stock one which can fit a 2014 str d22? thanks stewart (((-:
    Hi mate, was hoping you could price me on an ABS right hand rear sensor. My dog chewed mine. 08 STX D40 SPAN MANUAL
    Posted to 5107.
    Hi Nizzbits,
    I'm after a driving lights harness - part # B2407JR100AU.
    Also, how much for postage to 4285?

    hey there nizzbits.
    chasing 4wd wait detect switch for spanish D40 vin- vskcvnd40a0339141.
    i believe the part number to be 320067S11A
    i had this switch replaced at nissan dealer in cooma about 6 weeks ago and fault has reoccurred, my diagnosis has lead me to this switch being faulty.
    if you can help me would be able to post part?

    thanks, phil.
    G'day Nizzbits,
    I have been referred to you regarding purchasing a D22 ZD30 cooling fan.
    Have not been able to find one on the internet, and live in the bush so visiting a Nissan dealer is a last resort.
    Cheers and beers.
    Can you help me? I'm after a canopy for my D40 dual ST-X, in silver lightning. Can you get me one, what brand(s)? Delivery cost to Newcastle?
    Thanks mate,

    I am chasing a clock spring for my 07 Spanish D40. Would you have one and what would it be worth?

    Hey Nizzbits,
    Was hoping you could confirm a price for 3 transfer case plugs/switches for my D40 2007 Navara.

    Alternatively, if only one plug is impacted, if i purchased one, can it be interchangeable with any of the 3 defected plugs? i.e. one plug fits all?

    hi i have an o7crd diesel patrol im after the heat shield that covers the turbo and top of the dump pipe i butchered mine installing egt
    Hi. I was just wondering how much it would cost for the 3 sensors in the transfer case. Is a 2007 d40. Cheers
    Hi Garry
    After a price on a d22 snorkel to ditch the pre-cleaner on my 05 3.0L i thinks it suits the yd25 models, shipping to perth 6150
    Hi Garry
    Do I place on order through your website or via this website? Will just be looking for the snorkel at the moment. I have my second batt in the tub at the moment with no real plans to move it but will keep the yd2.5 ducting in mind if I decide I want the batt in the engine bay.
    Howdy, i'm after a front passengers internal door handle (the chrome one that opens the door) for a Navara Spainish built 2009 D40 duel cab? I understand it may come as a complete unit. The misses broke it yesterday. Need post to Perth WA.
    Hi Your website seems to be out of stock of everything. Presume holidays.
    Im after some parts for my 09 D40 Spain built.
    An ambient temperture sensor (think P/N is 27722-AX610)
    A driving light harness (think P/N is B2407JR100AU)
    99% on part numbers. Could you quote price and post to 3805.
    Does the driving light harness come with a switch or do I need to get one aswell?
    Hi Garry, just wondering if you can quote me for snorkle with YD25 duct to suite my 05 ZD30 Nav?
    Shipping to 4165
    Thanks heaps,

    G'day Nizzbits, read somewhere you could source a genuine remote central locking kit for an '09 D22. Can i get a quote on one of those please?
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