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Lived and worked in a fair bit of the southern half of the mainland, in jobs ranging from spud picker to Westrail guard.
After around 20 vehicles of different shapes and sizes, I bought a 720 2by twin cab with that lovely L18 motor, that was followed by a Feb '89 (yeah, no mate, parts are different on this one!) D21 Kingcab, with the Z24. Don't know what happened then, but I completely stopped looking in car yards for 16 years and 3 heads. Sadly had to leave the D21 behind in Newcastle about ten years ago, and have been putting up with a '94 Mazda Courier for about 7 years.
About a week ago I spotted, on Gumtree, an '87 D21 4x4 single cab, with a VN V6, that looked to be in tidy condition, and the body is pretty tidy for it's age, but a normal person would cringe it they saw my parts and repair list.........
Navarre, Victoria
Ex Jack of all trades, now happily retired.


'87 D21 Single cab 4x4, 3.8L VN V6 with original FS5W71C 5-SPEED box.
Home is a '74 VAM 70 Bedford (38')
'94 Courier SB
I hate things that beep at me!