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  • Hey mate how ya going, wanna come up to cruiser park for aust day weekend?
    Just read your article on 2 inch body lift you posted back in 2011, very good read with awesome info, ive been looking at doing the same thing for a while. Do you recommend doing the 2inch BL? Btw. Your nav looks wicked! mine is very similar... all black
    G'day Jacko
    Was just reading a thread on 2006 D22 clutch and also searching everywhere on here but unable to get an answer. Can you tell me if your 2006 D22 had SMF or DMF. My clutch is due and can't seem to get a definitive answer, trying to get a bit of a heads up on cost. Cheers
    Hi Mate,

    Kin Kora is part of Gladstone, in Sun Valley. The Kirkwood track is about 5 mins from my house :big smile: It is part of the state forest in Gladstone.

    Have only spent about 30 mins in there but the main track is pretty easy to follow. It was harder to find a place to enter the forest but I found a couple of ways in now.

    Hopefully meet up for a drive with you and Boosted some time soon.

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