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Farmer Joe
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  • Yes blanked off the EGR. It runs great now. I had to replace the 2 front tires just before rego. Last April. They were wearing on the edges. Just replaced the clutch on my work ute Toyota Hilux 2005 Feb. With a heavy duty one . It worked out cheaper than the standard clutch. Also I did all the work this time. Also another thing replaced the front shocks H/D for the old original ones. Found the H/D ones were jarring to much , found HD were 35mm longer than the original shocks. Also replace a couple of seals on the gear box & transfer case while at it.
    Hi Farmer Joe. Sorry haven't been in contact with you for a while. How it's going? Don't get on the computer much. Took a run to Warragabma Dam yesterday. It was still raining but it was a great site to see.
    Good to hear you got her going ok. What do you mean by blanked it, are you talking about the egr blankoff? I have done that and strongly recomend it.
    Cheers fj
    Hi Farmer Jo. How's it going?ot Black Beautie back on the road last thursday.:party: Had to to replace No. 1 Injector Must have not some muck in it. Also blanked it too. It goes great now. My wife is really happy, she's got her car (Ute) back.:dancing1::tazzy:
    How you getting on with that motor mate? Is the new injector in? I am still stuffing around with my new sax springs that ride like shit. They are sending me some new ones now so hopefully that fixes the problem.
    Hi Farmer Joe. JUst an up date Waiting on a New injector, No holes in the piston. Well not when I had the head off.
    sounds like you have a few headakes there mate. I have read on here somewhere that these motors are notorious for burning a hole in a piston. Hope hope you havnt done that.
    Hi Jo, sorry checked the odometter reading the other day It was just gone over 100k km. this ute must have been miss treated or neglected the the servicing. or something. Got it back together but it is runing rough like only running on 3 cyclinders.
    Cheers David
    Brought a worn out dud, It done 200k km. still will have to get the auto trans a service when I get it back on the road. But the rear axe bearing seal is the next on the agenta. Still waiting on the radiator. They sent me the wrong one. Should be here tomorrow (Monday). Have a great week
    Hi Farmer Jo. This getting usto the Formum. Time Chain was every worn & with the head shaved it made it worse. Just waiting on a new radiator. It got damage will undoing the cranksaft bolt. Wound have had it in by now but they sent me the wrong one.Cheers
    Ps Were do you live? David.:tazzy:
    Hi Black Beautie, Sorry for the slow response-been busy- No I don't know much about timing chains. The last one I did was on a petrol Datsun about 15 years ago.
    Might be worth asking the question on the forum, there must be someone thats done one.
    Good luck.......Farmer Joe
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