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Mounting a GME TX3440

Mounting a GME TX3440

This is were I mounted my GME TX3440
It's hidden in the console the fuse is easy to grt to by removing the cover under the handbrack leaver.
G/day I have 14% hearing lost, At most times I can hear it OK. when I have a bad day I remove
the 4 non-used accessory pluges that are on both sides of the hand brack. When I went up to the
cape I removed the back seat and placed a wooden shelf in the back. I then got a small GME
specker from ARB for $26 and installed that. That was more than loud enough. But I removed it
when I got back as I don't realy need the speaker.
I helped my dad put his in similarly to how u did, we just put a small speaker cover over a hole cut where the speaker was works a treat and is plenty loud

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