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Custom Bumper

Custom Bumper

Custom bumper, desert rims and mtz, awaiting 3" lift kit
looks great, i want to get one similar to urs, what suspension and wheels do u have
Sorry mate for the late reply. I havnt been on the forum for ages. When I took the pick I had no suspension lift. They are desert rat rims 16x7 with a
-20 offset. Im running Kumho Road Ventura MTZ tyres. 265/75/R16. Had to slightly modify the two from guids to get them on. Ive done a bit to it since to. Ill post some more picks of her soon.

Thanks for the comments mate.
nice rims and wheels, how much did they set you back?

i think you mite find they are a pos(+) offset not neg(-). correct me if im wrong but neg offset is going deeper dish from centre of rim and postive is going from centre of dish to front of rim?

16x7 +20 and 16x8 +20 are d22 common size and offset.

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